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Organic Wakame Flakes

Doypack 50 g

  • Add two teaspoons of flaked seaweed to your favorite dishes, whether cooked or raw, to give taste, sea scent and a touch of originality

Wakame is one of the best known and most widely used seaweeds in the world and can lend itself to many combinations. It has a distinct and easily recognizable taste, and you can use it to add a twist to your favorite dishes. Rich in protein and minerals, it is a very useful food for soothing heartburn and acidity in the stomach. It purifies the liver and promotes healthy skin, nails and hair. The flakes are ready-to-use and can be easily added to any dish.

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ATLANTIC WAKAME (ALARIA ESCULENTA) is a brown seaweed belonging to the class Phaeophyceae. It consists of lance-shaped leaves fringed on two sides with a central rib. WAKAME algae thrives in swift currents, and the most tender fronds come from turbulent waters.


ORGANIC WAKAME seaweed IN FLOCKS contains a wide variety of unique phytonutrients, including sulfated polysaccharides, also known as fucoidans. WAKAME seaweed is naturally rich in minerals, folic acid, trace elements, vitamins A, E, PP, C, B group, niacin, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, and excellent levels of riboflavin. WAKAME seaweed is particularly noted for the richness of one of its carotenoids, FUCOXANTIN.

Protein averages 16.3 grams per ounce, and the amino acid profile and protein quality indices are also high. WAKAME seaweed contains all essential amino acids contributing 47.1% of the protein content.


WAKAME is a seaweed with innumerable nutritional and functional properties. Useful for acid reflux due to its alginate content. Beneficial for healthy skin, nails and hair.

Also present is a good amount of iodine, which contributes to the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland and stimulates the body’s basal metabolism.

Due to the presence of fucoxanthin, according to some recent medical-scientific studies conducted by researchers at Japan’s Hokkaido University, WAKAME is able to help the body burn fat. In addition to stimulating the production of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which exerts antithrombotic action and increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin, fucoxanthin promotes the elimination of excess body fat.

Alkalizing minerals, alginic acid, folic acid and fucoxanthin, active ingredients found in WAKAME seaweed, are involved in regulating the body’s acid-base balance, increasing the alkaline reserve of the blood.

ORGANIC WAKAME seaweed IN FLOCKS, in particular, is indicated for optimal supplementation of important micronutrients in the daily diet and especially in vegan and vegetarian diets, celiac diets, and raw diets.


The mild taste and leaf-like conformation make WAKAME seaweed one of the most versatile and popular seaweeds. WAKAME seaweed is popular for its characteristic nutty aftertaste.

ORGANIC WAKAME IN FIOCKS are small fragments of seaweed leaves that can be used as AROMATIC HERBS and placed in the context of any dish, without rehydrating or wasting time, simply by scattering a handful taken straight from the package.

In this way, no combination is precluded: Organic WAKAME seaweed IN COOKED or CRUDE LEAVES can be enjoyed in a thousand ways. With pasta or rice, in soups, in a dressing or side dish, in an omelet, on pizza or…….. wherever the imagination suggests.


For a HEALTHY, ECOLOGICAL and SUSTAINABLE diet, we have chosen only ALGAs with these requirements: RAW/ORGANIC/ORGANIC, VEGAN.


Organic ALGAE WAKAME is also available in leaf form.

For a HEALTHY, ECOLOGICAL and SUSTAINABLE diet, we have chosen raw material with these requirements CRUDE/RAW, ORGANIC/ORGANIC, VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE

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