Taste of Sea Organic- Mixture of Seaweed

The typical marine flavors and scents concentrated in a new and original product, created for you that you want to flavor your everyday dishes in a fresh and original way thinking about health. This mixture of algae in granular form will surprise you with the pleasantness, intensity and balance of a new taste to discover and will allow you to reduce the consumption of cooking salt.

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Organic Taste of Sea is a new and original product created to flavor all dishes by reducing cooking salt.

Thanks to the amazing flavors and scents released by this extraordinary blend of 7 seaweed you can give flavor to everyday dishes by gradually reducing the cooking salt, considered harmful, if used in access, for the heart, arteries, kidneys and even the brain.

We used very valuable red, green and brown seaweed, finely grinding them so that they can be easily combined with any other ingredient. We have wisely dosed them, thanks to our long experience in the field of algae, so as to release all the marine taste that only algae can give in such an intense way.

The organic algae that make up this mixture come from the seas of northern Europe and Argentina. They are controlled and safe against contamination, heavy metals and hydrocarbons.

They are dehydrated at low temperature to maintain the nutritional properties unchanged, keeping the scents and flavors alive. They are therefore RAW foods.

They are rich in mineral salts (potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, iodine), viitamines, noble proteins, omega 3 and fibers.

Ingredients: organic seaweed (Himanthalia, Dulse, Ulva, Nori, Wakame, Saccharina, Chondrus)

For a HEALTHY, ECOLOGICAL and SUSTAINABLE diet we have chosen a raw material with these requirements RAW/RAW, ORGANIC/ORGANIC, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE


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